Dive Brief: Atlanta’s Department of Public Works has partnered with Rubicon Global to use the company’s technology to optimize its fleet operations in six-month pilot program, as reported by Forbes.

Atlanta has touted this partnership as a part of its Power to Change sustainability initiative.

Because Rubicon is headquartered in the city, this is likely a good fit for the company’s first public partnership.

The ability to better understand where recycling education needs to be targeted will be useful in beginning to understand how Atlanta can raise its diversion rates.

Rubicon’s recent partnership with Trucost will also allow them to provide more detailed greenhouse gas emission data.

While Rubicon remains one of the most high profile names in waste management technology, it’s not the only company trying to capitalize off making the industry more efficient.

New York-based Recycle Track Systems offers a similar approach with tablets for collection vehicles that help haulers operate in a more efficient and responsive way and other companies are involved in the market as well.