Only one of them, Dunwoody’s Rubicon Global, has actually hired away Uber’s former CFO, CTO and its top advisor as it tries to bring the on-demand business model to the trash pickup industry.

Oh, and Rubicon may also the only sharing economy company that can claim freshly-minted Academy Award winner as an investor.

During the week before the Oscars, Rubicon was named one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2016 by Fast Company.

Rubicon says its technology encourages its business customers and its network of independent trash haulers to find more efficient ways of getting rid of garbage while making more use of recycling.

Cloud-based software and an app allow customers to call upon trash haulers only when they need it, and Rubicon shares data with its customers as they search for efficiency.

Rubicon plays matchmaker for its independent haulers and business customers in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, construction, retailers, food/hospitality and government.

They could put regulatory targets on Rubicon while raising questions about the vetting of its trash hauling vendors.