Nate Morris, founder and CEO of Rubicon, and Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber, to discuss how tech revolution is disrupting waste industry.

NEW YORK Rubicon Global, the worldwide leader in sustainable, cloud-based waste and recycling solutions, today announced that Nate Morris, founder and CEO of Rubicon, and Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber and senior advisor and board member of Rubicon, will be participating in the 6th annual Concordia Summit on Monday, Sept. 19 at the Grand Hyatt New York.

The Concordia Summit brings together the world’s most prominent leaders and innovators to discuss issues and challenges of global importance,” said Morris.

We are honored to be participating and thrilled to share our vision. Rubicon is disrupting one of the toughest industries in the world: garbage. Technology is leading us to a future where we’re not simply managing the waste problem, but we’re finally solving it.”

Rubicon Global is the worldwide leader in sustainable, cloud-based waste and recycling solutions.

Rubicon’s goal is to create a more sustainable solution for businesses and the planet.