It is a precompetitive innovation program established to enable organizations to develop new opportunities and realize their circular economy ambitions faster, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

As an Emerging Innovator in the CE100, Rubicon brings insights on technology, data and its disruptive approach to the global waste industry and the traditional landfill-based model of waste collection, says the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Rubicon’s business model is circular by design and focuses on keeping more material out of landfill and within the value chain, serving as regenerative feedstock for future producers,” says David Rachelson, Rubicon Global head of sustainability.

Founded in 2010, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was established to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy-or an economy that is restorative and regenerative, by design-working across business, government and education sectors.

The CE100 brings leaders and innovators from around the world to share experiences and learn together as we work to unlock new opportunities for growth arising from a circular economy approach,” says Casper Jorna, CE100program lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Rubicon Global attended the CE100 Acceleration Workshop held March 8-9 in Seattle to share the latest thinking in circular economy, build capacity, develop the network and catalyze the development of circular economy innovation and pilot initiatives.

Workshops are held every six months and convene CE100 USA members, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Partners, Emerging Innovators and selected others to focus on initiatives that require cross-sector, cross-industry collaboration.