I visited Micron Products to hear about their installation of a robot, really two integrated robots, to automate the process of picking and placing small plastic fasteners into shipping crates.

Prior to the implementation of the robots, the injection molding machine pushed out pieces at high speed onto a conveyor line, and six workers would scoop up a whole line of pieces and put them in boxes for shipping.

Workers would try and get out of working in this cell.

“We had underestimated the cost. We needed automation.” Two years ago, in the second quarter of 2016, Micron asked Advanced Automation, and a couple of other automation houses, to come in and see if they had a solution.

Advanced Automation, out of Portsmouth New Hampshire, specializes in the implementation of ABB’s line of robots.

Micron chose to work with Advanced Automation because they had a solution with good ROI, and that they would be able to automate the production cell faster than their competitors.

Advanced Automation quoted eight weeks to get the robot, implement it, and one week to debug the system.