Robinhood is one of the most talked about digital asset and stock trading applications in the market.

You can now use Robinhood Crypto to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto in the Prairie State! pic.

Although there is a catch, many traders had expected that XRP would be available for trading but evidently, it’s not.

Many of us are pulling money out of robinhood we have been waiting for a while now in Seattle to trade on robinhood.

Robinhood has been noticeably expanding very fast adding 5 states in November and another 2 states, North and South Dakota in November.

The expansion of the crypto trading app has increased many folds sincee Gretchen Howard, an alumna of Google, joined Robinhood as the vice president of operations.

Several experts claimed that Robinhood and no-fee trading platforms could pose a serious threat to traditional exchanges.