According to a recent report by Coin Telegraph, the company is planning to launch an initial public offering.

A Long Process Ahead. While Robinhood CEO Baiju Bhatt is openly revealing that his company intends on going through with an IPO, the timeline of this process remains unclear.

There are many steps that the company will have to take before it can launch an IPO and begin to trade publicly.

The broader investment world will no doubt be watching carefully as Robinhood moves toward an IPO. The company was most recently seen raising $363 million in a series D funding round and $110 million in a series C round and was valued at $5.6 billion in May of this year.

Robinhood boasts about 5 million users who conduct trades in cryptocurrencies, a service the company began to offer back in February.

Robinhood generates revenue in at least three ways: it charges interest on funds that users hold in Robinhood accounts, it sells premium subscriptions to allow for enhanced service on the platform, and it sells order flow to stock exchanges desiring more liquidity.

In June of this year, speculation arose that the company would launch a digital currency wallet when savvy investors discovered job postings for multi-skilled digital currency engineers posted by the company.