Investing can be complex and difficult, and novices are more likely to make simple, avoidable mistakes.

At the same time, you don’t want to allow the consequences of not making the best investing choices to outweigh the overall benefits of choosing to build wealth through the stock market.

So is Robinhood good for attracting more people to investing? Or is it bad for potentially setting up less informed users to make avoidable mistakes? Robinhood is an online stock brokerage that comes in the form of an Apple or Google Play app.

In addition to basic buying and selling of stocks, Robinhood also offers the chance to conduct more complex trades, like those using options or currency trading.

Stock ownership is not common in the United States – just 55% of the population owns stock – and helping a larger portion of the population take advantage of the growth offered by the stock market could go a long way toward relieving some wealth and income inequality.

There are questions about just how ethical it is to take advantage of the same methods that an app like Farmville or Candy Crush uses to keep users interested with an app for trading stocks.

The financial consequences of falling into bad habits are far greater than it is with those games, and pushing inexperienced investors to keep making more and more trades could also mean more and more losses for the wrong people.