Commission-free investing app Robinhood today expanded its ‎cryptocurrency service to another American state, this time bringing the derivative product for its clients in Utah.

Robinhood’s offering is particularly popular among the “Millennial” population, who ‎appreciate the ease of using the app to trade several asset classes without fees.

Just this month, Robinhood became available in two ‎cryptocurrency-friendly states: New Mexico and Wisconsin.

Robinhood Crypto got off to a good start in late February for ‎residents in five states ‎‎- California, Massachusetts, Missouri, ‎Montana, and New Hampshire.

Robinhood seeks to carve out its niche by letting traders ‎buy and sell ‎cryptocurrency for $0 a trade.

For now, Robinhood can keep its free platform ‎afloat through compromises such as not having many physical ‎locations, maintaining only a small staff ‎for client service, ‎and not spending on massive promotional campaigns.

Last week, Robinhood raised its latest round of funding, ‎bringing in $363 million at a $5.6 billion valuation.