Exchange platform like the popular Robinhood are scaling their services to other areas outside California while including cryptocurrencies in their portfolio.

A few days ago, the Robinhood exchange launched its crypto trading platform in Rhode Island.

The firm is sourcing for a Chief Financial Officer to oversee the Robinhood books as they undergo an external audit by the SEC & FINRA. Robinhood provides a wide range of financial products apart from crypto coins; traders can transact ETFs & stocks as well.

At the moment, Robinhood’s main competitors are the likes of Coinbase crypto exchange.

Robinhood has also experienced its own challenges within the crypto sphere as one would expect.

They clarified this claiming that the Robinhood exchange service is policy-compliant & would never put client’s data up for sale.

Sentiments from crypto enthusiasts show that Robinhood is very likely to get a larger client base once they add the hot XRP tokens to their exchange!