Robinhood, which is the commission-free trading mobile app for stocks, exchange-traded funds, options, and, recently, cryptocurrencies, is establishing itself as one of the more successful startups in Silicon Valley.

Interviewed by Fortune’s Balancing the Ledger on June 22, Vlad Tenev, Robinhood co-founder, explained that the company is planning to expand its set of products and services with a new online banking service.

The Palo Alto-based financial services startup started off by developing a mobile trading app that allows customers to trade stocks and ETFs listed on U.S. stock exchanges without charging commission on its services.

Asked about the company’s business model and the crypto-trading service pricing structure, Tenev explained that Robinhood does not plan to get much direct profit out of it in the short term.

Some of them started using other products like investing in ETFs and stocks while others subscribed to the Premium paid service, Robinhood Gold.

The latter offers a broader set of financial services like extended trading hours and additional buying power.

Even without charging commissions, Robinhood options and stock products are still lucrative, through lending stocks to short sellers in the global securities lending marketplace, collecting interest rates on cash deposits, and the premium service monthly subscriptions.