Waste management leader Rubicon Global has a new idea that’s making people ask if they will beUber for trash.” The on-demand waste removal service that Rubicon plans to roll out is a lot more than just repackaging popular idea, though.

Rubicon has already raised $80 million to breathe new life into the sector through a dynamic approach to pickup that allows users to signal when they need service.

While click-to-call pickup is the headlining act, Rubicon is planning to leverage several different technologies to make its service a reality.

Rubicon is automating refuse sorting and adding cameras and other sensors to bins to collect data, helping further refine the service.

Rubicon is committed to running the waste industry more efficiently than its competitors.

To make innovation a reality, Rubicon hired Oscar Salazar, founding CTO of Uber.

Rubicon CEO Nate Morris notes that the company brings in the best and brightest talent in each industry it serves, which is uncommon in waste management.