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I’ve definitely noticed a lot more grumbling about résumés in the past few years as our online identities have gotten more sophisticated but the conventions of a job search haven’t kept pace.

Keepsafe, a mobile privacy company, declares that it forgoes résumés completely in its application process, instead asking you to describe something you’ve recently built.

The company first got the idea after reading Aline Lerner’s shocking post onthe low efficacy of résumés.

Speaking of Aline Lerner, she’s recently formed a company to offer analternative to résumés – Interviewing.io, a fully anonymized technical interview platform to initially screen candidates on their chops alone.

Obviously, platforms like AngelList and LinkedIn offer the ability to apply with your profile, which increasingly includes content you wouldn’t normally find on a résumé, like projects, posts, and social references.

More and more of these kinds of online professional networks pop up all the time, and the best recruiters I know are quite savvy about representing their own companiesemployees on the sites.