Morris is CEO and co-founder of Rubicon Global, an Atlanta-based outfit that finds creative homes for waste generated by large companies.

In the process, small waste and recycling haulers bid on contracts with large corporations through its online auction process.

Waste is one of those industries that’s had little or no technological innovation,” says Morris, who founded his company in 2008 with friend Marc Spiegel.

Rubicon Global isn’t alone in using innovation and private investment to disrupt the waste and recycling sector.

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and London, Closed Loop offers recycling solutions andWaste auditsto companies that want to reduce or reuse trash.

On-site food waste recycling is an area that Closed Loop has been pioneering in a number of countries,” says the company’s marketing manager Joel Morris.

Closed Loop’s Morris sees a future where food waste is banned from landfills and where more businesses and consumers adopt zero waste policies with the help of high-tech machines like the one used at Noma-and maybe make some money in the process.