The energy company joins 34 other companies including Coca-Cola, Target, Amazon, Pepsi, Starbucks and P&G is helping The Recycling Partnership create a sustainable future through recycling.

The companies believe that collaboration, across and within industries, is key to building sustainable communities, according to The Recycling Partnership.

By working with global companies like ExxonMobil, “We will be able to have a much larger impact on the health of our planet and people’s everyday lives, now and in the future,” says Recycling Partnership CEO Keefe Harrison.

In four years, The Recycling Partnership has reached 33 million households in 640 communities with efforts to improve recycling access and increase the quality of recyclables.

The Recycling Partnership’s goal is to help the country double its current recycling rate and capture 22 million more tons of recyclables per year, avoid 50 million metric tons of greenhouse gas annually, and save $250 million in contamination costs every year.

The partnership teamed up with city officials to offer educational programs aimed at helping cities develop a deeper understanding of their recycling programs and find solutions that can be adopted full scale.

Since 2015, The Recycling Partnership has invested more than $27 million of corporate funding in recycling infrastructure.