Accounting, inventory, payroll, marketing, CRM, word processing the different technologies your business needs are seemingly infinite.

The right software can increase profitability, decrease friction and prepare your business to thrive in a data-driven economy.

The wrong technology slows you down, wastes your time and becomes just another thing that needs your attention.

What you need is an objective approach to evaluating any kind of software and determining if it is useful to your business.

At Vestorly, we build intelligent email technology for businesses, but we also buy software to support our own operations.

If you don’t do your due diligence to evaluate the new software though, you’ll find all the work required to cancel one and implement another was a waste of time.

The next time you’re considering purchasing new software or wondering whether a technology you rely on is truly useful, compare it to our rubric to determine if it’s really worth your business’s time and expense.