In your next client newsletter, focus on topics relevant to clients and their children like estate planning, elder care, and wealth transfer.

Encourage your clients to forward the email to their children or other beneficiaries.

Phil Henry of Henry Wealth Management a client of my firm, Vestorly spent 30 years acquiring clients the old fashioned way: meeting people, spending time with them and developing lasting relationships.

He took the time to get to know every one of his clients, but now that he’s secure with his older clients, he wants to cultivate similar lasting relationships with their children, too.

Young professional children of Henry’s clients often do not yet have financial advisors because they don’t have the means, but soon they’ll have both the means and the needs.

Connect with your clientsbeneficiaries digitally by sharing engaging, personalized and educational content with them.

It may be the case that some of your clients aren’t proactively looking for valuable content online, but you can be sure that their children are.