CUPERTINO, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced the general availability of Rancher, open-source container management software that makes it easy to deploy and manage containers in production.

The hurdle to date has been in finding a management platform that supports all of the major orchestration frameworks and can run on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Rancher Labs has adopted a compelling approach to addressing this problem with its platform.”

Rancher is the only container management platform to implement a cloud-agnostic infrastructure services layer that works across any public or private cloud, or traditional data center.

Since announcing our beta product less than a year ago, Rancher Labs has experienced incredible demand, as well as received encouraging and helpful feedback and community support for this open platform which has enabled us to make meaningful enhancements to Rancher,” said Sheng Liang, CEO, Rancher Labs.

Rancher was the only product we found that could provide the enterprise-level access control and container orchestration we required, at an affordable cost. The Rancher developers have been helpful and responsive to our requests, and have been working with their user community to continually improve their software since we first installed it. With Rancher and Docker, we will be able to leverage the power of containers to improve workflow in development, research and teaching.”

Luke Bennett, Customer Systems Development Manager, Bravissimo Ltd.For enterprises that support diverse DevOps groups, it is imperative to provide visibility and manageability into the ecosystem. Rancher embraces this by following the Docker principalbatteries included but removable.’ Use any scheduler, overlay network or storage solution across multiple environments and disperse teams, and Rancher will provide the insight and control needed to wrangle cattle wherever they may roam.”

Rancher Labs builds innovative, open-source container management software for enterprises leveraging containers to accelerate software development and improve IT operations.