Founded in 2008, Atlanta-based Rubicon Global has become a worldwide leader in providing cloud-based waste and recycling solutions for customers in business, government and the nonprofit sectors.

We look at areas like waste volume and waste type, then analyze the numbers and search for ways to optimize and streamline waste services.

Rubicon offers technology solutions for companies, cities, haulers and fleets to better manage their waste – where have you seen the greatest progress toward eliminating waste, and where do you see the greatest remaining/missed opportunities in the waste-management value chain?

That’s going to be true for waste management and Rubicon is driving that change.

To tackle our global waste problem, we’re working on scale and demonstrating how digitizing the industry can benefit everyone.

Rubicon recently teamed up with Sustainable Brands, Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership and Goodr Co to launch your Waste Fit Champions competition – can you tell us more about the competition and how it came about?

I’m hoping to show people that recycling – and even zero waste – is accessible, it’s achievable, and people are making huge strides every day.