Pit Rho has been a Stormpath customer for over a year now and we’re excited to share this post on their experience from Founder and CTO, Gilman Callsen.

We didn’t want to deal with all of the authentication stuff again and that’s where Stormpath came in.

If you need authentication, I have found no other mechanism by which you could get a site up and running as quickly as you can with Stormpath.

Now, we have the fantasy application that’s using Stormpath and we’ve started using Stormpath for other customer applications, including for a customer in the IoT space.

Not only do we rely on Stormpath for user registration, authentication, and things like password recovery but we also heavily utilize Stormpath’s customData resource.

The devil is in the details with user management and Stormpath just makes it really easy.

We’d love to have you take Stormpath for a test drive, just like the team at Pit Rho did.