WASHINGTON-Pie Insurance announced today that it has begun selling workers’ compensation insurance to small businesses in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Nebraska.

Now more than 3.2 million small businesses in 14 states can get workers’ compensation insurance online through a faster, easier online experience.

Pie uses predictive analytics and high-quality datasets to digitize the workers’ compensation insurance experience, which could save small business owners up to 30% in the process.

“Shopping for insurance should be simple and accessible just like other products and services we buy online,” said John Swigart, Pie’s co-founder and CEO. “America’s small businesses deserve a better workers’ comp insurance experience, as well as the ability to find savings in the process.”

Pie operates as a managing general agency for Sirius America Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Sirius Group, offering A.M. Best A rated workers’ compensation insurance.

Pie Insurance provides workers’ compensation insurance directly to small businesses at www.

Offering A.M. Best A rated insurance, Pie leverages data analytics, easy-to-use online features, and a seasoned team of insurance experts to create an insurance model that’s as easy as pie.