The first time I met Paul Laurie he was running through a venue in a grey top-hat attending to the 100s of people who had shown up for his Silver Spork Social Bacchanal event last November.

You never would have guessed it, as Paul seemed very calm and collected, and  definitely in his element.

Silver Spork Social is an underground supper club that Paul started when he returned to Denver after living in New York City for eight years.

Paul talks about his experiences with playing the career field before starting Walking Tree I’ve always tried to keep an eye on what I actually want to be  doing, as opposed to what people are telling me I should be doing.”

22:20] The changes Paul has seen in Denver and how the city might be able to  bring more diversity to the city.

27:00] “I don’t see risk as something negative, I see it as something positive, and I thrive on that.” Paul also talks about the importance of keeping the  creativity connected to the work so it doesn’t turn into just a job.

42:30] Paul’s advice on how to make a change in your life small steps matter! “I’ll never regret doing something. I’ll only regret not doing it small steps of breaking molds will lead to bigger cracks, which will eventually lend itself to help you do what you want to do.”