On the second floor of an antique brick building in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley, a new tech start-up works behind the scenes, quietly turning one of the nation’s largest industries on its head. Oseberg shares its name with an ancient Viking ship unearthed in Norway in 1904, as well as one of the North Sea’s largest oil fields off the country’s southwestern coast.

Oseberg software finds in days what would take teams of people years to locate sifting through paper files.

In an industry that generates more than 7 percent of U.S. GDP, timely, more accurate decisions are game changers.

Once its proprietary software has been developed, Oseberg works closely with clients to show them how it can be nuanced to reach their goals.

We ask what they’re trying to accomplish, then point them to the shortcut to get there,” said Elliot Harik, Oseberg’s director of engineering.

Oseberg continues to attract some of the brightest new talent from across the U.S., including a Johns Hopkins graduate from Baltimore, a Cal Tech engineer and many others.

What Oseberg provides can affect billions of dollars in outcomes, and the oil and natural gas industry is starting to beat a path to its door.