Company-building engine

Echelon is a company-building engine for a new economy shaped by ubiquitous data and a changing climate.

What we offer

We believe that if entrepreneurs are to build bold, new companies that can shape our tomorrow, they deserve independent thinking and freedom from dependencies on external decision makers and unnecessary bureaucracy.

To enable that, we have created a decentralized ecosystem that provides founders with a toolkit of resources – operating, network, data science, as well as a financial toolkit. All this, in a culture that values the style and flair of being different from the mainstream and respects the need to play by one’s own rules.

Data science

Best-in-class engineering talent for highly technical applications at cost.

Financial resiliency

Revenue shortfall protection grants freedom to take risks and build boldly.

Strong technical & capital network

Geographically diverse experts, company partners, and industry players.

Shared backend infrastructure

Seamlessly integrated capital, technical, and operating resources.

Operating companies