Omnidian, a U.S. solar asset management firm providing third-party performance guarantees for residential rooftop systems, recently raised $5.1 million in venture capital funding.

Other participants include City Light Capital, Blue Bear Capital, Energy Foundry, Ekistic Ventures, and Avista Development, a wholly-owned, non-regulated subsidiary of Avista Corp. According to Omnidian, its performance guarantee is available for owners of individual home solar systems through channel partners, such as lenders and installers.

The firm partners with a nationwide network of pre-certified field technicians and says its performance guarantee transfers solar energy production risk away from the asset owner.

“But at the end of the day, owners of residential solar – whether it is an asset manager overseeing thousands of systems or an individual homeowner trying to save on electric bills – want the assurance that their investment will perform as promised. By shielding the owners of residential solar systems from the performance risk, Omnidian. is providing the solution that gives owners true peace of mind.”

Liffmann adds, “Transferring performance risk will allow solar businesses to free up vital capital for growing their business and give customers the assurance that their investment will perform as promised without having to personally monitor their solar system.”

Today, Omnidian supports Fortune 1000 clients and other third-party owners of leased solar portfolios.

“Performance guarantees for residential solar energy present a major opportunity to create value for asset owners and help drive the next wave of growth in the residential solar market,” says Abe Yokell, co-founder and managing partner of Congruent Ventures, which led the recent VC funding round.