Finding the appropriate content for the right audience, at the right time poses a specific problem that Vestorly, the cognitive content marketing platform, addresses.

Built with the mindset that every marketer should be able to send out unique, individualized content to its users, this AI platform provides a selection of curated content, based on needs and audience, resulting in a tailored offering at scale.

Vestorly is a cognitive content marketing platform leveraging artificial intelligence to curate and deliver Web content on behalf of marketers.

Vestorly is different because it draws on the vast inventory of the web to provide a unique curation of content based on the marketer and the marketer’s audience.

Vestorly will eventually curate web content for a given contact, then deliver it via automated email, social media, or onto a web page.

Vestorly is a SaaS business with a self-serve product that services individual users to marketers at Fortune 500 brands.

What if content wasn’t a problem anymore? What if all those limitations were overcome? What would that look like? Would people use it? We realized that could be a competitive advantage and a moat that grew with usage over time.