The broader impact/commercial potential of this Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project will be to increase the efficiency of domestic oil production.

The aim is to increase the efficiency of oil production by providing novel subsurface information to improve operational decision making.

By providing novel subsurface data for the industry, this information can reduce environmental impact by saving up to 45B gallons of fresh water and 1M rail cars of mined sand.

This SBIR Phase II project proposes to use next-generation microbiome analyses to increase the efficiency of domestic oil production.

The research objective is to analyze the subsurface hydrocarbon microbiome to characterize hydrocarbon reservoirs and leverage this new data source to increase current efficiency rates.

By combining advances in cloud computing, DNA sequencing, and novel software analytics, this project will demonstrate that these microbial communities correlate to meaningful production parameters for the oil and gas industry.

The project will demonstrate at pilot scale that this new information source can be utilized as a novel, non-invasive, low-cost reservoir characterization tool that allows the industry to maximize hydrocarbon production while minimizing environmental impact.