Mike Pence is pretending Trump isn’t Trump because a) he doesn’t support Trump and b) wants to preserve his own career after this ends.

Parscale believes the domain will increase the Trump campaign’s clicks, because each piece of content appears more neutral than if it came from, say, Trump’s namesake site.

The headline shouldn’t beTrump Confirms Obama Born in US,” the headline should beTrump Admits to 5+ Years of Race Baiting“.

Now, as Clinton continues to trounce Trump in battleground polls, Trump seems to be sidelining Manafort as well.

In a statement, Trump described Bannon and Conway asSome of the best talents in politics.” WIRED reached out to the Trump campaign for comment but hadn’t heard back by publication time.

In a statement, Post Executive Editor Marty Baron said the Trump campaign’s decision isNothing less than the repudiation of the role of a free and independent press.” Baron said the Post would continue to cover the Trump campaignAs it has all along honorably, honestly, accurately, energetically, and unflinchingly.”

In response to Trump’s criticisms of the Post last year, Bezos Tweeted that there’s always a seat for Trump on his space company Blue Origin’s rocket with the hashtag #SendDonaldToSpace.