Kiplinger, the nearly century old publisher of personal finance and investment newsletters, has signed a deal with Vestorly, the digital marketing firm, to launch a channel on the publication’s website aimed at connecting readers with financial advisors who use Vestorly’s platform.

The deal lets advisors contribute content to the publisher if they wish, and advisors can potentially connect with readers who have indicated a willingness to meet with them.

It’s a huge public relations win for a small advisor who would otherwise have a really hard time becoming a contributor on a national renowned publisher,” said Justin Wisz, Vestorly CEO. The channel, called Wealth Creation, is powered by Vestorly’s new browser-in-the-cloud technology.

For readers, the channel is a different experience than the rest of Kiplinger’s site.

Our browser in the cloud technology as a content management system enabled Kiplinger to do all kinds of things they aren’t able to do with their regular site, such as use the data that’s within that browsing experience to better inform their editorial strategy and directly connect financial professionals with actual individuals who are reading their stuff,” Wisz said.

If an investor is interested, Kiplinger will suggest some names based on the stuff they have been reading on the site as well as their location; the recommendation engine works regardless of whether an advisor has contributed content or not.

You’re talking about millions of people who are qualified for these financial advisorsservices who are raising their hand and saying, ‘Yes I am interested,’ and not only do we know they’re interested because we know their reading behavior individually, but then we also have the second layer of validation, sayingYes I’m interested in connecting to one of these contributing experts,'” Wisz said.