Arizona-based renewable water company Zero Mass Water has developed an off-grid, self-sustained water producing technology dubbed Source Hydropanels.

Integrated fans inside each panel draw air into the Source and hygroscopic material components absorb the water vapor in the air.

As air passes through a condenser, water vapor is collected and funneled into an internal reservoir where it is mineralized by adding calcium and magnesium and treated to achieve the optimal quality of drinking water.

The water is then pumped into a polishing filter that balances pH levels and measures level of mineralization before being distributed to the user through a small tube that connects to a kitchen tap.

According to Zero Mass, “a standard [two-panel] Source array replaces more than a 12-pack and up to a 20-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.” On top of that, using the technology for approximately 10 years would compensate for nearly 70,000 plastic bottles.

Users can monitor the system’s water production in real time by using a mobile application.

The panels use solar power and an internal battery reassures water delivery when sunlight is not available.