Now, a company called Zero Mass Water has taken that one step further and have managed to extract clean, drinkable water straight from the air using their special solar panels.

Zero Mass Water currently has pilot programs running in Ecuador, the U.S., Jordan, and Mexico that looks to provide clean water to those who are withoutit.

CEO of the company, Cody Friesen, saysWe started this company to provide water to everyone, everywhere.”

This new type of solar panel is named Source that uses a material that has the ability to passively absorb water that’s in the air and the solar panel expels the water back out, but purified.

The water is also run through a mineral block to improve its taste by adding magnesium and calcium to it.

Friesen and his team are hopeful that their system can save lives everywhere by providing water that can help eliminate disease and make many people’s lives much easier.

Areas with known pipe problems of those in remote places will be able to benefit from these systems as will those in places where the water quality ispoor.