Yesterday, the federal government announced a new Clean Energy Investment Initiative, which will partner philanthropic and mission-oriented investors with technical expertise at the Department of Energy and National Laboratories to make investments new clean energy technologies.

Successful energy innovation depends heavily on public-private partnerships.

As AEIC staff detailed in the report, Partners In Ingenuity, federal government partnerships with natural gas producers, turbine developers, window manufacturers, and the automobile industry have been critical to translating research & development into scaled, commercial deployment of new energy technologies.

The aforementioned new initiatives continue this proven public-private partnership approach to energy innovation, leveraging the expertise of federal science and engineering investments to accelerate entrepreneurship and induce greater innovation investments by the private sector.

Case after case of successful U.S. energy innovation demonstrates that partnerships have been critical factors in innovation success.

In reflection, this is not surprising-companies invest in energy innovation when they see market opportunities, and federal innovation investments can speed the emergence of those opportunities.

This is why AEIC not only supports greater public investments in energy innovation, but also supports legislation that facilitates public-private partnerships to ensure the highest return on those investments.