In some Navajo Nation regions, like Oljato on the Arizona-Utah border, a single fixture on the road is the only water source around for nearly a thousand residents.

These two scenarios are how 40% of households in the Navajo Nation live – without running water.

According to DigDeep, a Navajo person is 67 times more likely to live without running water than any other American.

Navajo without running water limit their consumption to around 10 gallons a day per person, which doesn’t go far: A low-flow showerhead uses two gallons a minute, and washing dishes efficiently by hand drains eight gallons.

Now, with the pandemic, the Navajo Nation has the highest COVID-19 infection rate per capita in the country because residents can’t easily access water to wash their hands.

Local Navajo governments and Navajo Power partnered up with public benefit corporation Zero Mass Water.

Zero Mass Water hopes the Source panels prove to be an adequate solution for the people water crisis.