News received information last week on a handful of successful battery installations at commercial customer sites, from NantEnergy in the US and from Alfen in Europe.

The Netherlands-headquartered system integrator and technology provider Alfen has supplied a 2.5MWh battery energy storage system to the headquarters of Smappee, the energy management technology company which recently struck a deal to roll out its EV smart charging solutions globally.

Alfen’s energy storage system will enable Snowball to effectively self-consume solar energy generated onsite and to balance the load – including electric vehicle charging and grid-balancing services.

From the US meanwhile, NantEnergy, which towards the end of 2018 acquired the energy systems and services business of Japanese technology provider Sharp, has touted a recent track record of successfully executed projects for C&I customers in the US states of California and New Mexico.

Sharp’s SmartStorage platform, which NantEnergy acquired, has been used in a few high profile commercial projects in the US, with Jigar Shah’s Generate Capital among the developers and financiers to use them to deliver energy costs savings – and sometimes backup power – to customers.

Demand charges in the US are levied on commercial and industrial energy users and ensure that they pay a premium for energy drawn from the electrical grid at peak times each month.

Typically paired with solar panels, NantEnergy said that in addition to giving customers a “Reliable, independent source of clean energy”, often a reduction in peak demand over time will mean that C&I customers can become eligible for paying lower rates from the utility directly, increasing the value of savings from the “Storage systems and advanced battery technology” the company said it offers.