LOS ANGELES-(BUSINESS WIRE)-NantEnergy today announced that it has acquired Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Energy Systems and Services business, which develops and delivers innovative energy management products for the U.S. market.

NantEnergy has also retained the entire Energy Systems and Services team, including Carl Mansfield, former general manager and founder of Sharp’s Energy System and Services Group, who will continue with NantEnergy as Vice President, System Solutions.

“Adding Sharp’s sizable and world-class energy storage business to the NantEnergy service portfolio is an important step in our mission to accelerate the worldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through intelligent energy storage solutions,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, chairman of NantEnergy.

“The acquisition of Sharp’s energy systems business and the SmartStorage brand immediately creates a foothold for NantEnergy in the U.S., particularly in the important California market.”

NantEnergy is dedicated to accelerating the worldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through its innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions.

Enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and smart-grid intelligence, NantEnergy designs, manufactures and markets energy storage solutions globally, providing reliable backup power to critical wireless infrastructure, rural electrification microgrids, and distributed commercial and industrial energy management systems.

Continuing to build momentum as an energy storage leader, NantEnergy is installing systems worldwide that increase reliability, functionality and surpass cost targets necessary for practical energy storage adoption.