Handling wet gas at the wellsite has always required the separation of gas and liquids coming out of the well, with separate handling and transmission of both.

The separated gas is treated in a compressor and sent directly to central processing facilities.

Hicor is well on its way to changing that model through the design and field testing of a multiphase compressor that can be connected directly to a wet-gas well.

When the technology becomes commercial, as the company expects it soon will, it will eliminate the need for costly wellsite separation and associated tank storage and allow gas with entrained liquids to travel through a single multiphase pipeline from well to processing plant.

The Hicor compressor features a novel hybrid rotor design, and at the heart of the processing technology is a proprietary technique by which an atomized liquid coolant is injected into the compression chamber.

In discussions with potential customers in the oil and gas industry, it became clear that the compressor’s ability to tolerate liquids opened a bigger opportunity than anticipated.

“We began to realize there was this big unmet need that could now be addressed because you could put liquids through our compressor,” Pitts said.