Several early stage venture funds participated in the financing, in addition to high net worth, successful business leaders from across the U.S. Our Story and the Financing Mission Secure’s largest financing to date will further our journey to protect control systems from cyber attacks in defense, oil & gas, power and transportation.

The original Three initial funding rounds enabled development of a unique, patented, industrial grade, military hardened product, the MSi Platform, combining unprecedented cyber visibility and concepts began in 2010 borne out of protection.

The funding brought requests from the U.S. Department of Defense to identify cyber attacks together a world class team of cyber, control system, military and industry on weapons systems and weapons platforms and still be able to carry experts and deployments at early adopters in defense and industry.

Successful entrepreneurs with Early stage venture groups, Blue proven track records taking novel technology and commercializing it for Bear Capital, the University of Virginia Licensing and Ventures homeland security, public safety and clean energy co-founded Mission Group Seed Fund, and Jaffray Woodriff, Charlottesville hedge fund Secure in the summer of 2014 with manager, through his family office, the original UVA research team.

Cyber Defense in Energy & Critical Infrastructure “Blue Bear Capital is excited to support the Mission Secure team in helping to protect the safety, reliability, and economic value of critical infrastructure. As investors focused on digital technology in the energy industry, we know that cyber security threats are becoming more common and more severe as drilling rigs, pipelines, power plants, and renewable energy assets get connected online. We believe MSi’s technology offers an important solution featuring strong technology and industry understanding, at a price point that allows broad adoption.” Ernst Sack, Partner, Blue Bear Capital.

Innovation and Execution “Mission Secure combines innovative, control system cyber security technology with a talented, proven and passionate team. They are solving real and meaningful problems confronting all of us today. Our team at UVA LVG Seed Fund and venture capital investors strongly support their mission and continued success.” Robert Creeden, Managing Director, UVA Seed Fund & New Ventures.

Pursuit of the Mission “I am fortunate to have been involved with several early stage companies making the world a better place. The protection of military assets and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks is paramount to national security and our continued way of life. We are grateful for a tremendous group of successful investors supporting us in this highly worthwhile cause. Come and join our team.” David Drescher, Co-founder and CEO, Mission Secure, Inc. ..