eShares issues electronic shares for private companies and then acts as the registration agent for those companies.

If we did that, we could provide the same financial services to private companies that is currently only available for public companies.

The eShares website says that the Company was founded by you and Co-Founder Manu Kumar, over a lunch in 2012.

For investors who own stock, eShares ostensibly expands transparency, but if eSharesclient is the issuer, doesn’t eShares owe its duty to the issuer and not the issuer’s investors? That being said, why should that be a concern for investors of the companies whose shares eShare registers and issues?

The only recourse an investor had would be to prove they owned shares by sending their certificate to the company and hope the company would honor it, but most of the time the investor would never even know he or she was incorrectly recorded in the cap table.

We saw a company about to close a new round that completely forgot about an investor who had a convertible note.

A company today might want to do an employee liquidity program where employees can sell 5% of their vested options to existing, approved institutional shareholders at a price set by the company.