MineralSoft, the leading technology platform for oil & gas asset owners and investors, announces new unit tracking tools within its land management platform, enabling users to predict and verify mineral ownership and analyze financial performance in real-time.

By supporting unit-based reporting and analysis with its latest release, MineralSoft enables oil & gas investors to stay up-to-date with activity around their units, ensure they are in-pay on all properties, and automatically verify their ownership interests across their portfolio.

Real-time NRI Calculation – Automatically forecast and calculate NRI using land ownership records with prediction and real-time verification of ownership decimals.

“With the addition of units to our already industry leading land management platform, we are eliminating another set of manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes,” said Jon Parker, MineralSoft’s co-founder and CTO. “Units are critical for asset valuation, revenue allocation, production forecasting, and many other central processes of owning oil & gas assets, and this release enables our customers to gain a full understanding of their ownership and maximize returns,” he said.

In addition to the enhanced land management capabilities, the cloud-based mineral management platform also features tools for acquisitions and divestitures, mapping, portfolio management, and audit.

A live demonstration of MineralSoft’s new land management features is scheduled for Thursday, October 18 at 11:00 AM CDT. Showcase participants will also have the opportunity to have their questions answered by the MineralSoft team.

About MineralSoft MineralSoft is an Austin-based technology and service provider focused on developing solutions to manage oil & gas investments.