MineralSoft, the leading developer of software for oil & gas investors, announces the launch of its professional services division, offering solutions to mineral and non-operated interest owners including full service asset management, GIS and land administration, A&D services, and audit & revenue recovery.

MineralSoft is introducing a broad spectrum of accounting, land, and mineral management services targeting the needs of oil and gas investors and owners, with the goal of delivering more value to current clients while expanding the market for MineralSoft’s best-in-class suite of solutions.

“With the launch of our professional services division, MineralSoft gives oil & gas investors and owners the software and services they need to focus capital allocation to core differentiating functions rather than growing in-house back office capabilities,” said MineralSoft’s new Vice President of Operations, Todd O’Neill.

Due to complexities in production accounting, these oil & gas investors may receive underpayments on their oil & gas assets that often go undetected.

“From our experience, most mineral owners estimate they lose as much as 8% of their oil & gas income due to underpayment on producing assets, which can add up to millions for large mineral and non-op portfolios.” He continued, “MineralSoft’s proprietary technology is a powerful tool for detecting missing revenue; however, many oil & gas investors lack the resources required to actually recover lost income, which is why we now offer a turnkey solution for spotting underpayments and recovering funds on behalf of our clients.”

About MineralSoft MineralSoft is an Austin-based technology company focused on developing solutions to manage oil & gas investments.

MineralSoft’s technology and service offerings address the growing need for investors to manage large portfolios, track revenue, verify income, and identify new investment opportunities.