The Middle East is no stranger to such initiatives, with governments, business leaders, and startups adopting more environmentally friendly solutions by the day, and correspondingly switching to clean energy sources.

As desertification claims more arable land, countries in the Middle East and North Africa are increasingly likely to face water shortages.

We’ve cobbled together a list of startups from across the Middle East that are true trailblazers when it comes to green initiatives: Blink My Car: This young company circumvents water shortages by offering an on-demand car wash service that requires just one cup of water.

Using its app, one can request a car wash at any location; the company then sends a staff member by bike to do the job with eco-friendly products and minimal use of water.

Back in 2011, the startup comprised a group of Egyptian students seemingly lacking everything but motivation.

Zero Mass Water: With climate change well underway, water stress has become a dire issue in the Middle East.

This Jordanian startup has devised a truly inventive solution; Zero Mass Water’s solar panel extracts, condenses, and purifies water from thin air.