Peter Frischmann: We found out in September that we are a co-awardee for an ARPA-E grant, dubbed IONICS, which [aims] to develop solid-state electrolytes that enable lithium metal batteries.

The market is too nascent and the timeline to develop the technology would be five, probably closer to ten years.

If our technology makes safe lithium metal anodes work, there’s already large markets in cell phones, laptops, and electric vehicles that demand the energy density boost.

If their technology really proves out, future investments in traditional Li-ion manufacturing will look like a waste of money.

PF: They’re much more experienced and technically savvy in the field, so it’s real honor and it’s exciting to be able to work with them particularly the fact that they’re inspired by our technology and want to be a part of it.

We’re in a position to at least be involved in the manufacturing process once we’ve developed the technology.

New technology, based on our old technology, new challenges.