The challenge, of course, is that solar may not produce energy when a customer needs it and if a grid outage occurs when solar generation is low, even the largest array can’t provide the energy a business needs.

With battery storage technology to capture solar generation for later use, NantEnergy’s systems make full use of the available energy from customers’ solar arrays-and then allow them to use that power when it benefits their operations most.

Here’s how: Storage systems are charged either by solar power, or via the grid at the lowest off-peak rates, and can then provide energy during peak demand hours.

In addition to steep demand charges, C&I customers face another growing challenge-one that can also be addressed by NantEnergy storage systems: Grid outages.

In addition to reaping the solar tax credits by re-charging batteries via solar at all sites, our performance guarantee is another unique benefit of these financing arrangements, and it ensures the storage system delivers the promised energy savings.