Travel style is something that’s not always front of mind.

We can pore over images of celeb airport outfits for inspiration and covet beautiful bag, but frankly, until we’re packing for our next trip, we might not notice that our carry-on is beaten up, hard to organize, and still has a faint stain from when that hair oil exploded on our last getaway.

Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz are bringing their luxury expertise to the travel industry, to finally give us some motivation to improve our tourist style once and for all.

Launched today, Paravel is the duo’s answer this dilemma.

Both former staff members of the dreamy Spain-based brand Delpozo, Rockefeller and Krantz produced a fashion-forward line of waterand stain-resistant canvas bags that range from an oversize duffle fully equipped to carry a few daysworth of clothing to small pouches and pockets that help organize every detail.