Zero Mass Water is looking to make drinking water an unlimited resource.

Using his experience in the renewable energy space and background in materials science, he created SOURCE, a solar panel, or “Hydropanel”, that instead of making electricity produces pure water from sunlight and air.

Each panel produces around two to five litres of pure drinking water per day, and has a lifespan of roughly 15 years.

“Did you know that about a half a trillion litres of bottled water are sold every year? This adds up to a huge amount of plastic and let’s not forget the carbon emissions that go into bottling and distributing this bottled water.”

“We were actually one of the first potable water suppliers to arrive in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last year. We were able to drop in and install panels to help those folks. Because we can show up, because there is no infrastructure required, we can easily provide potable water in those kinds of disaster situations.” On the other end of the spectrum, the system is also being used in the arid Sonoran Desert to provide drinking water for animals, he continued.

“Our system provides a daily supply of delicious, high-quality drinking water while offsetting the carbon footprint of bottled water,” he concluded.

“With renewable water made on-site, SOURCE offers an infrastructure-free and cost-saving alternative to bottled water, without the hassle or logistics of purchasing and delivering it.”