Lisk – In today’s society being associated with Microsoft is a big deal no matter where you are situated in the world.

What many people don’t know is that Lisk partnered up with Microsoft way back in the early 2016’s.

The corporate giant made the deal to partner with LISK to get a blockchain-based protocol that was powered up by Azure Program using a blockchain solution called Azure Cloud.

As a result, Lisk is trading at $11.27 which is an attractive price for investors and rapid-fire traders.

As a matter of fact, Robinhood recently announced that it would be having commission-free cryptocurrency trading 24/7 and Lisk is one of the altcoins which will be listed.

With 3 million traders already active in the exchange, Robinhood will give Lisk beneficial exposure and liquidity.

Lisk is bound to get major exposure into these markets and garner a range of fans, investors and traders.