Rubicon, named for the river that Caesar mythically crossed, is quite literally start-up in the garbage business.

Morris matches independent local garbage haulers with multi-national clients, and lets them schedule on-demand pickups for their trash through proprietary technology.

Perhaps most importantly, Rubicon taps into the social consciousness of companies who care about what happens to their waste.

A year later, he founded Rubicon with a high-school classmate and friend, Marc Spiegel, whose family had worked in the garbage business for years.

Rather than move out to Atherton or Menlo Park, Morris decided to keep Rubicon headquartered in Kentucky and Atlanta.

Rubicon’s vision of the world empowers smaller garbage haulers and incentivizes both them and their clients to think sustainably, instead of rewarding people for simply throwing out garbage.

Today, Rubicon has operations in all 50 states, and Morris plans to take his company public within the next couple of years.