The secret is the charcoal, and we’re not talking BBQ. CoolTerra is a type of product that’s known in scientific circles as biochar.

Today, the CoolTerra product is made by cooking a variety of raw materials including coconut shells and wood chips.

It’s great to use around shrubs and trees, when seeding a new lawn or putting down sod,” says Wes Bolson, head of business development and public affairs for Cool Planet, the California-based manufacturer of CoolTerra.

You’d first want to aerate the lawn, then spread out the CoolTerra product and rake it in. Half of it will get right down into the aeration holes. Next you’d want to really soak it with water. But after that initial soaking, it holds onto water and nutrients very well-at the root level.”

Bolson says biochar, and particularly the CoolTerra product, can also help with carbon sequestration, which is the capture and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere-which is a big deal to those environmentally conscious clients who are concerned about climate change.

With the seeder,” Oswald continues, “It’s a grinder. It’s heavy enough that when you put the CoolTerra product in the seeder, it grinds through. The seeder is 6’x3and about 4 feet high. We also attach that to the tractor. Finally, we have a rake that we attach to the tractor. So the tractor basically does all the work on our larger projects, which makes it more efficient.”

As pointed out, a product like CoolTerra can be used around trees and shrubs, flower beds, and on new and established lawns.