Laurel Bridge Software, Inc., a provider of imaging software solutions that enables health systems to orchestrate their complex medical imaging workflows, announced that IMIDEX, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence solution provider focused on lung cancer, has selected its Compass™ Routing Workflow Manager and Exodus™ Migration and Consolidation Controller to facilitate a retrospective, multi-center clinical study for the detection of incidental lung nodules using their computer-aided detection application VisiRad™.

Detection sensitivities in clinical practice range between 30-70%. VisiRad aims to provide a second set of eyes to increase the sensitivity of lung nodule detection to help identify lung cancers at an earlier stage.

With approximately half of lung cancers diagnosed at Stage IV, there is a significant opportunity to enhance earlier lung cancer detection.

“As leaders in AI applications in lung cancer, collaborating with Laurel Bridge. was an easy decision, and their team has exceeded our expectations. IMIDEX is dedicated to the continued advancement of our computerized vision technology to improve outcomes in lung cancer” adds Richard Vlasimsky.

To protect patient privacy, the accession numbers of confirmed lung cancer patients are fed to Exodus so it can capture and anonymize all relevant studies before exporting them to the company’s Compass™ application.

About Laurel Bridge SoftwareFor over 20 years, Laurel Bridge Software has been providing healthcare organizations with enterprise imaging workflow solutions for image routing, prior exam fetching, migration, and modality worklist management.

Our computer vision algorithms provide a second set of eyes for radiologist to help identify lung cancer at an earlier stage when survival is more likely.