The health care sector is poised for disruption, and the industry needs “To disrupt before we are disrupted,” said LabCorp CEO David King on Monday.

“Amazon sneezes, health care catches a cold,” he added, noting how health care companies’ shares took a tumble after the tech giant said it will form an independent health company with Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JP Morgan Chase.

The discussion has centered on how technology will “Disrupt” the health care sector by tackling the industry’s inefficiencies.

Part of the conversation is how consumers and the shift away from the “Fee-for-service” payment model are driving changes in health care.

“What we need to think about at LabCorp: big companies fail because they become relentlessly focused on doing what they did yesterday better,” King said.

Technology, such as MC10’s wearable devices, along with analytics and mobile tools are crucial to delivering care, but it needs to be done in a way that it delivers the best value possible, King said.

“At the same time, health care is a human business.”